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Sign-In Email ID and Correspondence Email: With NauticEd you have a signin email ID and a correspondence email address. When you signed up, we automatically made them the same but you have the option of making them different under your profile information. If you are having difficulties signing in with your email address, try different old email ID's that you might have used.  

New Student vs Returning Student - Once you sign up the very first time, thereafter you are called a returning student even if it is seconds later. We know you're new to us and us to you,  but you're still a returning student for sign-in purposes.

On the sign in page (or click SignIn/SignUp at top right of the home page) use your NauticEd signin email ID and your password on the "Returning Student" side - even if you only just signed up seconds ago you are still a returning student. Only use "New Student" if you have never signed up before. 

Sigin-in Email ID: You can change this under your profile (top right click on your name (or "noname" if you have not entered your name into your profile) then drop down to "edit profile") then click on "Login Data"

 If your Sign-in ID is completely forgotten, no worries email us and we will look you up in the system and fix everything for you.

Please DONOT sign up for another new account. Rather, let's help you get into the old account and get it all cleaned up.

Password - If you have forgotten your password, then on the signin page, hit the forgot password button  and a new password will be automatically emailed to you to your NauticEd correspondence email address on record. Check your junk box - (set up as a safe email sender).

The new password email will take a few minutes. Don't do this multiple times, as you will get out of sync with password versions.

To personalize and change your password, click your name at the top right when signed in. Drop down to Edit Profile - then change password under the link labeled Login Data.

Instructors and Schools ONLY

Your signin ID is NOT your email address. Please use the signin ID you created when you signed up. You still use the same sign in page but do not enter your email address EVEN THOUGH it asks you for an email address. You have a separate sign-in ID for your school and a separate sign-in ID for you as an instructor and a separate sign-in ID for your student mode. Please write them down or store them appropriately. You can change your student login ID by switching to student mode and then going to edit profile then login data then change your sign-in ID on that page. If you are an instructor your student ID is initially set up automatically as "Instructor(someRandomNumber)".

For App login

For the courses app, you must login using your student account
For the instructor rubrics app, you must login using your instructor account
For the Tracklink app, you must login using your student account.