Your Qualified number of days of experience can be different from your total number of days of experience

The Levels are:

  • Level I = A minimum of 10 days of sailing experience*
  • Level II = A minimum of 25 days of sailing experience**
  • Level III = A minimum of 50 days of sailing experience**
  • Level IV = A minimum of 100 days of sailing experience**
  • Level V = A minimum of 200 days of sailing experience**

* This may be short cut to 2 days if the instructor/assessor has deemed the student competent to the skills and knowledge associated to the Rank

** A minimum of 50 % of theses days must be listed in the electronic logbook as master of the vessel. e.g. Level III would require at least 25 days as master of the vessel

*** Both Bareboat Charter Master and Captain require a minimum of Level III and also with a minimum of 50% of the days on a vessel equal or greater than 28 ft (8.3m)

For example, if you have 100 days of experience but only 12 days as master of the vessel, then according to the 50% Master of the vessel rule ** above, your qualified number of days is 24. If you log one more day as master then your qualified days will go to 26.

Qualified days are also categorized by the software for size of vessel. If all of your experience is on a small keelboat but you pass the Skipper Rank courses, your qualified days will only look for larger keelboat experience.

A day is considered as a minimum of 4 hours on the water. But 8 hours is still one day.

In your NauticEd Electronic Logbook you list the vessel (add one if you need to: length, type etc) you were on and if you were master of the vessel and if the trip was a multiday etc. The software does the rest and will produce your sailing and boating resume automatically.