A sailing license is different from a  sailing certification.

A license infers there is some form of Government approval involved.

A sailing certification is just a certificate of some form of achievement. Any Joe can issue a certificate. The value of the certificate depends upon the standards that "Joe" sets up to award the certificate.

Be aware of the organizational standards that the organization has around issuing a certificate.

NauticEd standards are very high because of the comprehensive theory knowledge requirements and the appropriate amount of on-the-water experience required.

For the NauticEd Sailing License (the SLC - stands for Sailing License and Credentials) in addition to acceptable standards of knowledge and experience, an on the water assessment is required by a qualified assessor to prove the appropriate skills. NauticEd is officially recognized by the United States Coast Guard as a sailing training body. See this link verifying NauticEd as being recognized as meeting the American National Standards.

Some organizations issue an IPC. While some countries recognize this, it can be attained  in some cases just a few days of instruction. In this case the yacht charter company will not accept the IPC. 

Don't risk your vacation on a license that may or may not be accepted by the Yacht Charter Company. 

Call any major Yacht Charter Company and ask if they accept the NauticEd SLC for the Mediterranean or Seychelles.

Here are the phone numbers for the biggest yacht charter companies

  • Sunsail  – 1 (888) 350 3568
  • Moorings – 1 (800) 334-2435
  • Dream Yacht Charter –  1 (855) 650-8902