You might be surprised but the answer is that there is no sailing certification from any company or association that qualifies you to charter a yacht. It is the dirty little secret promoted by some sailing associations. Here is the biggest lie in sailing article

Simply stated, a sailing certification is not accepted as proof of competence for chartering a yacht anywhere. What is accepted is a sailing resume which is a documentation of your knowledge, skills. and experience. (In the Mediterranean and Seychelles, you must also have a sailing license in addition to a sailing resume). Here is more information about what should be in a sailing resume

A sailing certification is still a good thing,  it provides a personal level of achievement.

Regarding the NauticEd Certification

What NauticEd cleverly and uniquely does is tie the sailing certification together with the sailing resume inside our software. The software builds a realtime sailing resume that at the click of a button can be sent to a yacht charter company. This means, for example, for the Bareboat Charter Master Rank with NauticEd, you WILL qualify to charter a yacht because our software will not issue the certification until you already have a charter ready resume.

Other Association Certifications

Other certifying bodies will give a certificate to a student if they spend as little as a weekend on a boat under instruction. There is no way any charter company will accept that as adequate proof of competence. In some circumstances these associations will allow a person to "Challenge a test" meaning they take a paper test without any documented on-the-water experience. Then for $35 they can apply for an international license - whew! This is why they are not trusted.

See the NauticEd certification system and how you DO qualify.