NauticEd Paper Books are available from Amazon. The books are similar in content to the courses. In order to bring the books alive with video and animations we have embedded QR codes throughout the books. All you do is scan the QR codes with a QR code reader app on your phone and the book zooms into action.

For iOS you can use the NauticEd App from the Apple app store to use a QR reader. Or search for any QR code reader. They are free.

For Android, you can use any QR code reader from any QR App. They are free and there are lots of them - just do a search on the google play store.

The books have embedded a promotion code so that you can get an equivalent discount off the price of the online course. You will need to buy the online course if you want to take the test and have the course registered in your curriculum as passed. Otherwise, just enjoy the book there is no requirement of course to take the test.

Successfully Skipper a Sailboat

Skippering a Small Keelboat

Maneuver and Dock Your Sailboat

Alex Learns to Sail

Navigation Rules