NauticEd is the only sailing education body that has been verified as adhering to the American National Standards for sailing training and Assessment as created and promoted by the United States Coast Guard.

Consequently, according to those strict standards created by the US Coast Guard, ASA or US Sailing certifications are not recognized by the USCG.

Additionally, there is a philosophical difference between our organization and ASA and US Sailing. NauticEd's certifications and licenses are based in Competence and assessment of competence across the board with all practical training schools and with our theory training. Additionally, because we deal with electrons rather than paper, our theory courses are much more comprehensive in the volume of training. We hear this time and time again from all students who have taken ASA or US Sailing Courses. Regarding practical training and certifications, we are concerned that many other schools issue certificates of "attendance" rather than certificates of competence because there is no across-the-board standard for assessment of competence with other organizations.

So the answer is NO - no NauticEd certificate is awarded based on other certifying body's certificates. Additionally,  no NauticEd courses are accredited if a semi-equivalent course from any other certifying body is presented as passed.

However, training should be rewarded, regardless of the source. 

At NauticEd, we allow three things to help those who are already competent and knowledgeable: 

(1) Anyone can test out of the Skipper Course for $20 deposit. If the course is passed then the $20 is made available to use towards another course. If the test if failed 3 times then the student can use the $20 towards the purchase of the Skipper Course.

(2) At any time, students inside our eLearning courses can jump to the test if they feel like they are already knowledgeable in that particular topic.

(3) For practical, we have no prerequisites. A person can easily pass any of our certifications or licenses by merely doing an assessment of skills on the water. We do not require training for 1-2-3-4-5 days. But to go with that, the assessment has high standards and a non-skilled student will not be awarded a practical verification of competence to a particular standard if they do not meet that particular standard.

(4) In the student's NauticEd resume there is an area near the bottom for a student to list other certifications that they have gained from other organizations.

See the NauticEd Student Guide - this explains how our standards are well above other certification programs.

See this link which shows NauticEd as an approved Sailing Education company for the American National Standards