Just go to your resume tab when you login and then scroll down to near the bottom. There you can add other certifications and licenses. You can upload images of the images and store them there.

Be careful to properly distinguish between Government boating licenses and other sailing and boating certifications.

Government boating licenses are for example: Your VHF or marine radio license, your USA State boater license card, the Canadian PCOC, the Canadian ROC-M, the United Nations ICC, Your RYA Day Skipper or Yacht Master (we consider RYA certifications as a Government license because the RYA is appointed by the UK government as the UK sailing education body).

Other sailing and boating licenses are: ASA certifications, Sail Canada certifications, US Sailing certifications, IPC (we don't consider the IPC a government license because even though the IPC is issued by american companies the IPC is not recognized by any government entity inside the USA and can not be used to legally sail in those particular states in the USA where a license is required)

Your other certifications do not help you gain rank with NauticEd - mainly because the NauticEd certifications and Ranks follow the American National Standards EDU-3 where as no other certification bodies have been awarded this distinction by the USCG . For Example ASA 104 Bareboat has minimal navigation training. RYA Day Skipper has no bareboat training. If you feel you are competent to a specific level you are welcome to jump to the test for each section and take the test.