Signin to NauticEd and click on the resume button

At the top you will see various options

  1. You can save as a PDF and then email the PDF to someone.
  2. You can print it out
  3. You can email the link

With option 3, this emails to someone the page and includes your NauticEd signin email address and your logbook code. They enter this information on that page and can fully see your resume. Try it out now for yourself.

Your logbook code is NOT your password. It is a code that people must have in order to view your sailing resume online. Without the email and code your information is private and inaccessible. You make up and enter your logbook code under your profile which is found by taping at the top right where you see your name (or "noname" if you have not yet entered your name into your profile) and dropping down to "edit profile". 

Make sure you have entered a logbook code under your profile otherwise others can not see your resume. Your instructor/assessor will also need your logbook code anytime you need a practical training/assessment verification sign off.