The NauticEd TrackLink App is a must have for NauticEd Students. For now it is iOS only (Android coming). 


TrackLink tracks your track on the water and automatically uploads your track into your online NauticEd electronic logbook so that you can see this track forever. It also uploads logbook information like the weather conditions, the miles travelled, who was master of the vessel, which vessel you were on. It shows every tack, every anchorage stop for more than 2 hours. It also automatically authenticates your logbook entry as a real boating outing.

When you edit the entry online, you can add CrewMates to the entry, this adds the track to their logbook as well.

Instructors can use TrackLink to share the track with students of that day and review tacking angles and wind shifts etc.


Inside TrackLink, we have a unique feature to make sure that your track is only on the water and that the track shuts off automatically when you get off the water. We use a GPS fence that you create by drawing a shape over the water with you finger on the screen. To do this select Add Geo-Fence. You can draw as many shapes as you want and they can overlap each other. When you enter inside a fence, the App will ask you if you are sailing. When you exit the fence, the App will automatically shut off the tracking.


You want this on unless you are concerned about data roaming rates. This uploads new data packets to your logbook every few minutes so that your track is kept current.


When you turn on Realtime Upload, the system creates a unique URL. You can share this URL with friends via txt, email, facebook, or WhatApp, etc. This serves as a proactive float plan. If there is ever any trouble, your loved ones can see your last known position.


For the Upload of realtime data, you must be connected at least via cellular to the internet.


Most all mobile devices have a GPS chip which DO NOT require internet service to attain GPS data. Thus if you leave the cellular range, TrackLink will continue to gather the GPS data, although you will not be able to see it overlay on a google map. Once you reconnect to the internet you will see all the data overlaid onto the Map.


IF RealTime Upload is on, at anytime you can tap the Emergency button. this will allow your to quickly send a message to anyone in your contact list, of your emergency condition and your GPS Track. This requires internet service. This is NOT a substitute for other emergency reporting methods. An advantage is that as long as you are connected to the internet, the system will continue to show your exact location via the URL that is shared.


This is the best anchor drift alarm ever. (So long as you are connected to the internet). Simply draw a line around your boat with your finger making sure that rocks and low water areas (consider tide range) are outside the circle. If you boat ever goes outside the circle, an alarm will sound. In the middle of the night you can also just check the screen to see how you are doing relative to the circle. CAUTION however, if your phone is connected via BlueTooth to the stereo before you went to bed and then someone turned down the stereo volume you may not hear the alarm. It is advisable to disconnect from BlueTooth before you go to bed.


You can see your current position and also see a Compass (TRUE Chart Direction not magnetic) when you select current position.


You can view older tracks. If they are marked in Red it means that the trip was less that 2 miles and less than 2 hours. You can see the URL of the track and you can share that track in any means you like.


You can take photos inside the TrackLink App. The photo will be pinned on the exact location of the track for review at anytime in the future.